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Artificial Intelligence and Eco-Epidemiology-Based Early Warning Systems for the Improvement of Public Health Response to Aedes-Borne Viruses in the Dominican Republic.

Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes provoke over 50 million infections and 25,000 deaths every year. Climate Change has exacerbated the issue as these mosquitoes, and the pathogens they transmit, reach more countries.
With 10,000 cases every year, the Dominican Republic has one of the highest fatality rates caused by these diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean. As an island, the country is also one of the most vulnerable in the world to Climate Change. This emphasizes the need for urgent action to face the problem.


Firstly, the end-users of the research are the public health authorities, healthcare workers, and the people in the Dominican Republic. These end-users will be engaged throughout the project, from the design stage to the implementation of the project results. Their participation in the project will be critical to ensuring that the research addresses their needs and is applicable to their context.